At the youthful age of 51 I made the decision to change my life.
Having always been active throughout my 20’s and 30’s I moved into my 40’s and my activity levels dropped.
Family came along, career took off in the IT industry and sadly the young fit fabulous me went into hibernation.
Attempts to get back into my power and get fitter, leaner and stronger were always met with injury and frustration.
My brain was telling me it remembered the endorphins I used to get with exercise but my body was reminding me that I had not looked after it and it was going to play the old man card.
So end result, I got unhealthy, frustrated, put weight on in all the wrong places, and guys you will know that is usually out front and was spending more money than I really wanted to at the physiotherapist who told me my body was becoming “high maintenance”. That made me feel really special. Oh and my poor wife and kids bore all the brunt of this with moodiness, arguments and tears.
Sadly it is those who are closest to us, the ones that really love us unconditionally, that have to put up with all our shit. That’s a technical term by the way..
My crossroads event was an article I read about guys my age either changing their lives or learning to face their 50’s and 60’s and beyond with physical pain, illness and a degraded lifestyle where they would end up bed ridden or worse being cared for because they couldn’t care for themselves..
That was my moment…. that was the very second where I made a decision to do things differently. I have always been impatient so I knew that in order to not go out and smash myself and get injured again I would need to formulate a plan and if I could change physically, I knew everything else would begin to fall into place. I have always been able to do most things that require physicality and it was how I expressed myself and made myself feel good about who I was… I needed to find that person again..

This is how I did it…

If you are roughly my age, a guy or a girl, then maybe you might be in that same head space. I know several of the people I used to hang around with whose lives have become dictated by their health, both physical and mental..I hope that something I am saying in this blog helps set you free to find that person you used to be or to discover the person you always wanted to become..

I really hope this helps…